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Friday, May 13, 2016

Fashionista Friday: #WeddingDresses

Welcome to Fashionista Friday. Since the spring is the traditional time for weddings, I thought I'd show you a few wedding dresses. I love watching shows like Say Yes To The Dress, but most of those dresses are expensive. I decided to find something that anyone could afford and still look great. What would you say about a $99 dress from TJ Maxx? Here it is.Would you wear it? I would if I were on a limited budget. I'd love to know how you'd accessorize the dress. Necklace? Earrings? Tiara? Veil?


I did see some shoes I liked, but I always hesitate to try to match something because not all monitors display colors the same. Anyway here are some shoes I liked. The dress doesn't have a lot of bling and the first shoes have a little. You can get them at

Price: $235.

The last pair come from TJ Maxx. They pick up a little on the lace on the dress, and they only cost $49. I don't like them as much as the first shoes, but hey, if you're on a budget they'll look just great


Teresa Cypher said...

Gorgeous dress. I'd wear it, budget or not. :-) I'd go with the first pair of shoes. The second pair is overkill on the lace over beige theme. I'd go with something simple in my hair. A flower tucked on the side, maybe a cream or white sweetheart rose with a beige satin ribbon headband. :-)

Elaine Cantrell said...

You'd look fabulous too. I love the way you described the details.