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Friday, November 4, 2016

Fashionista Friday

Welcome to Fashionista Friday. Today we're still looking at outfits described in Fortuna. This is the description of Aimee's wedding dress.


Aimee whirled around and ignored the pleasing reflection of her in her wedding dress. After months of agonizing over her choice, she had picked a modern gown with some nineteenth- century touches. The ball gown’s off-the-shoulder white bodice was laced corset style. Dangling crystals decorated the sleeves, and pretty lace flower medallions covered the skirt. Cade was desperate to see the gown, but Aimee wouldn’t let him. “You can see it on our wedding day,” she’d told him.

What were the nineteen century touches in her modern gown? The lace up bodice, puffy sleeves, crystals, and the flower medallions. What would such a dress look like? See it below.

What do you think? Did Aimee do a good job with her dress?

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