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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Beyond the Book: The Captain and the Cheerleader

Today's excerpt is from the book we've been previewing The Captain and the Cheerleader. To summarize, so far we know that Susan bet an irritating fellow teacher that she could make head football coach Kurt Deveraux ask her out. He did, and tonight he arrives at her house to take her to a party. This scene is significant because we learn that Kurt is attracted to Susan, and we also learn that neither of them drink, which will be important later on. Today Susan and Kurt arrive at the party.

Susan English can’t stand Robin Lanford! She’s so full of herself she irritates everyone on the faculty of Fairfield High. When Robin bets Susan fifty dollars that she can’t get a date with Kurt Deveraux, the head football coach, Susan jumps at the chance to put the little heifer in her place. She had no idea that teaching Robin a lesson would irrevocably change her life, strain treasured friendships, and throw two families into chaos.


“It looks like they’re having the party in the barn,” Kurt said as they turned off the highway onto Mendoza’s driveway. “No wonder. It’s bigger than their house.”

Mendoza had painted the barn brilliant green. “John Deere colors,” Susan said with a laugh.

They parked Kurt’s car against a fence and made their way to the barn. “Everything looks great,” Susan said. “So clean and spacious.” She touched Kurt’s arm. “Look. We’re having live music. They’ve set up a stage at the other end of the hallway.”

Kurt nodded. “I see it. They put the refreshments down there too. I bet there’ll be a lot of spicy stuff and tequila flowing like a river.” 

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