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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Beyond the Book: I'm Not Too Bothered By It

“We all try to avoid plot holes in our own stories… but have you ever encountered one (or more) major plot holes in a book or movie that made you want to scream? Has it been serious enough to make you stop reading / viewing?” 

Let’s start with movies. I love movies, but for some reason I seldom watch them. I expect it’s because they require a larger expenditure of time than I’m willing to give, but if I do watch something I’m doing so because I expect to enjoy it. That being the case, I don’t spent my time picking the movie apart. Unless the plot hole is really in your face obvious I can overlook it and enjoy the movie. I won’t be bothered. My husband isn’t that way. I’ll be enjoying the movie, and he’ll whisper to me what he’s noticed is wrong. I usually give him a withering look which doesn’t seem to bother him at all, LOL. He just continues critiquing the movie. 

My reaction to books is along the same lines I suppose. When I find a book I want to read I don’t spend my time picking it apart unless it forces me to. As far as plot holes go I can overlook minor things, but if it takes me out of the story I may not continue with the book. Stereotypical characters bother me lots more. In fact, I can’t stand them. I once promised to review a book for an author, but I couldn’t do it. There wasn’t a single character that seemed real to me. I couldn’t get involved with them at all. 

Not too long ago I read several books by an author who told a good story, but the writing wasn’t the best. She was such a good storyteller she made up for her shortcomings that way. 

I’ve just started a new book, and hopefully there won’t be any plot holes or stereotypical characters. What about you? Do plot holes bother you?

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