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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors: Turnaround Farm

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If up and coming realtor Holly Grant can buy Turnaround Farm for her client, her business will boom. Who says you have to have a man in your life to complete you? She’s fine as she is thank you very much. Her first problem is that Jeb Wakefield doesn’t want to sell his farm, and her second problem is Jeb’s grandson Dan, the finest looking man Holly’s ever seen. 

Excerpt: Chapter One
Last week

The shocked look on Dan’s face almost made Holly laugh; no women lived at Turnaround Farm, so women’s clothing was probably a mystery to him.

“How about sweat suits and athletic socks?” he asked. “That’s all I can think of.”

“Sweat suits are perfect,” Holly declared with a big smile for him. No use to alienate Dan any more than necessary.

Dan went to find the sweat suits and soon returned with two sets of clothing and handed them to his grandfather who gave a set to her and Loretta. She didn’t mind sleeping in Dan’s clothes, but Loretta didn’t look too happy about it. She probably wouldn’t have minded if the clothes belonged to Michael.

“We only have one bedroom suitable for guests,” Jeb said, “so I hope you two don’t mind sharing a room."

“We don’t mind at all,” Loretta broke in. “Holly and I have some things to discuss.”

This Week: I've skipped a few paragraphs and picked up with Holly and Loretta's talk.

“I never thought I’d live to see this day.” Loretta chuckled as she and Holly struggled to get warm in the icy gloom of their dark bedroom.

Holly held up her hand to see if she could see it. She couldn’t. Why didn’t the Wakefields have a nightlight? This dense, suffocating darkness took her breath away.“What are you going on about, Loretta? I’m freezing to death up here, and now I’ve got to listen to you.”

Holly couldn’t see Loretta’s face, but she could hear the smile in her voice. “Holly Grant, business woman, dedicated career girl, passes up the chance to make a sales pitch just so she can get a date with a man.”

It galled Holly to admit that her annoying assistant was right.


Ed Hoornaert said...

The first crack in the businesswoman's facade!

Charmaine Gordon said...

Here it comes. I'm enjoying your story; actually, I always do. Thanks, Elaine.

Nancy Gideon said...

Busted! Nothing like a good friend to call you out.

Kate Hill said...

Looks like that deal wasn't a bad idea after all. :-)

Veronica Scott said...

The situation keeps getting more and more interesting! Great snippet...

Amy Braun said...

Ha! So much sass, I love it!