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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Beyond the Book: The Christmas Town


Traveling home for Christmas, two women get lost in a snowstorm. They cross a covered bridge and enter the past, finding themselves in a small picturesque Vermont town in 1943. They meet two handsome soldiers who are about to be shipped off to war. They fall in love while struggling to find a way to return to their own time.  

With the soldiers’ help, on Christmas Eve, the two women get one chance, but they’re caught between their love for the soldiers, and their desire to return to the present. At the last moment, they must make a difficult decision and, because it is Christmas, a miracle happens.


Imagine the adjustments you’d have to make if you ended up 1943 and belonged in the present. No cell phones, microwaves, computers, or cars with a GPS. 1943 was a simpler time for sure. Our two main female leads do a good job of blending in, but everyone is aware that something is up with them. They use unfamiliar phrases and don’t seem to understand some things about 1943 that everyone knows about. 

Due to the help of their landlady thay meet two soldiers on leave from World War II. Their names were Jeff and Danny and conveniently each man falls for a different heroine. Love blooms between them so what will the girls do when they have a chance to go back home? Will they go and leave the guys behind, or will they stay in 1943. 

There were some things I liked about the book. First, there were some good descriptions of life in 1943. It was a simpler time with different attitudes, and the author showed this very well.

I also thought the plot was good. I wanted to know how things turned out The characters could have been fleshed out a little more. Since we knew so little about them it was sort of hard to connect with them at first. 

The ending was unique. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and I’m not sure I liked it, but this is a romance so there was really no other way to end the book. 

All in all I enjoyed it and am glad I read it. If you enjoy time travel or World War II stories you’ll probably like this one.

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