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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Beyond the Book: Procrastination? Maybe

“To what degree does procrastination affect your writing projects? Do you have any theories about WHY you procrastinate on certain projects… or at certain periods?”

I do better with my writing when I follow a set schedule. I like to get up, take a walk, and then come home to have breakfast, check my email, and then sit down to write. I’ll write until after lunch, and then I’ll do errands, etc. If I stick with this routine I’m not bad to procrastinate. I enjoy writing and look forward to it so I usually don’t put it off. 

However, this only applies to new material. When it comes to editing it’s a whole different ballgame. I don’t like to edit, and I’m betting a lot of people don’t. It doesn’t take too much to lure me away from my computer if I’m editing. I can do it. Of course I have to, but I don’t like it. 

What else would make me procrastinate? Sometimes when I’m writing I reach a scene that I think will be hard for me to write. I have to admit that sometimes I’ll put it off, hoping for inspiration to strike. Sometimes inspiration does strike, but just as often I have to sit down and slog my way through it. 

There are certain times of the year when I do tend to procrastinate. When the weather is good in the spring and fall I like to be outdoors. Around holidays I’m easily distracted as well. Decorating a Christmas tree, for example, will distract me from writing. 

Authors, what about you? Do you often procrastinate?

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