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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Beyond the Book: Social Media

 How has your use of social media changed over the years? 

When I had my first book published, I really started paying attention to social media. I joined some Yahoo (I think) groups for the sake of learning what to do with my book. I did get some good advice, but the thing I liked best was that I met a wonderful bunch of people with the same interests as mine. I can still remember how we’d hash out problems that we’d run into. They all told me that I should get a My Space account so I did. About the only think I remember about that was that people posted little stickers on your page. Things like have a great weekend, etc. My granddaughter put music on my page, which I hated. I found it too distracting when I was trying to actually use My Space.

My new friends told me I should start a blog, make a website, and try something new called FaceBook, which I did. They also told me to take advantage of opportunities to be a guest on different author blogs. Boy, did I ever! A few years ago you could find pages of guest appearances on other blogs. I also opened a Twitter account, a Pinterest account, and a Linked In account. There’s probably more that I don’t remember. Oops. Almost forgot GoodReads.

Today, things are different. Most of my social media use revolves around my FaceBook friends. It’s been a couple of years since I released a new book, and if I do send another book out and it should be accepted, I’d probably have to start all over finding out how best to promote my work. I know about things like Instagram, but I’ve never used them, so I’d have to work hard.

So, authors, give me some advice. If I did sent that book out, how should I promote it using social media?

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