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Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashionista Friday: What's New For Fall

It’s still hot in my part of the world and will be until the end of September, but in some parts of the country it’s already time to think about fall.  Goodness knows the fashion industry is.  So, what’s the forecast for fall?  Here’s a few trends from Elle magazine that you might enjoy hearing about.

1.      Pleats are back.

2.      It may be controversial, but fur is showing up on runways everywhere.

3.      Bell bottoms.  Go figure.

4.      Wide leg pants.

5.      Sheer, maxi dresses as well as regular length dresses.

6.      Leather harness accessories.  This look is straight out of a BDSM novel.

7.      Choker necklaces and cuff bracelets.

8.      The 70’s look either Bohemian or chic.

9.      Menswear with feminine touches.

10.   Metallic look with feminine prints.

11.   Poka dots

12.   Color pallet:

a.      Bamboo-yellow with pale green undertones

b.      Emberglow-reddish orange  

c.      Honeysuckle-reddish pink

d.      Phlox-deep purple

e.      Cedar- midtone, neutral green

f.       Deep teal-strong blue toned green

g.      Coffee liqueur-nice neutral that takes the place of black

h.      Nougat- warm, camel tan

i.       Orchid hush-gray with orchid undertones

j.       Quarry- mid gray tone

This outfit by Ann Taylor which is pictured above is a beautiful illustration of several of the latest fall looks.  Buy it at

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