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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashionista Friday

Did you enjoy looking at Kim Kardashian’s wedding pictures?  From what I understand some people didn’t like Kim’s dress, but I thought it was pretty.  If you’re someone like Kim you can have a multimillion dollar wedding that makes money for you.  You can even wear a $25,000 Vera Wang dress for free. 

Every girl wants a beautiful dress on her special day, but not many of us can pay $25,000 for a dress.  Honestly, why do you want to spend a fortune when you can get wonderful dresses for a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at expensive wedding shops?  I did a bit of department store shopping to find some beautiful dresses at reasonable prices, and this is what I came up with.  Yes, that’s right.  Department stores.  And if that doesn’t sit well with you do a little internet shopping for reasonably priced dresses.

Dress 1 by Sue Wong is one of my favorites.  This strapless lace gown features a soutache embroidered torso and pleated godets.  I think it’s elegant and classic.  Buy it at Belks for $550

Dress 2 is available at Sears for $199.  I like this one because of the skirt.  It could hide a multitude of figure flaws.

Dress 3 is also from Sears.  Buy it for $199.00.  Look at the detail on the skirt.  So traditional, elegant, and formal.

I’d get married in any one of them, would you?  Save your money for a fabulous reception or a dream honeymoon.
If you aren't convinced about department store gowns check out these links. 
dress came from bargain wedding gowns.

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