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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: The Table in the Window

Today's excerpt is from The Table in the Window which is available at or at

If you'd like to read the opening scene in the book check out yesterday's post.  In this excerpt, my hero is escorting my heroine home from a party.

The spicy scent of his body enveloped her when his arms closed around her.

Marley forgot about Michael. She forgot that she didn’t know Rob very well. She grabbed his shoulders and pressed herself against him as his warm, persuasive lips teased hers. How did he
learn to kiss like this? Her knees would buckle if he let go of her.


Gem Sivad said...

He definitely needs to hold on. Great six!

Cherie Marks said...

Ooh, weak knees. That's one awesome kiss. Nice six!

Ginger Simpson said...

Gotta watch those spicy scents...they'll get ya every time. Great six, Elaine. I love being week-kneed from a kiss.

Megan Johns said...

Great six, Elaine!

K.E. Saxon said...

Great scene. Leaves me wanting to read what happens next LOL! Great six.

Ruth Madison said...

Very sexy!