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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Do You Oww and Ahh Over Cars?

Do you oww and ahhh over cars?  I usually don’t.  I drive a 2001 Chevy Blazer which still looks fine and runs great, but there are a few cars I can get excited about.  A Jaguar, for instance.  I believe if I got into this car I might be tempted to break the speed limit.  Can you see the speed and sophistication in the design?

I like some classic cars too.  The 1968 GTO is my favorite muscle car. 

I’m also fond of classic Mustangs.  When I was in high school I knew this girl who had a pepto pink Mustang.  I don’t have a picture of it, but don’t you like the Mustang style?  This is the first Mustang ever. Ford started producing them in 1964.
Liesel Wolfe, my heroine in Never Trust a Pretty Wolf, has a thing for fast Mustangs.  Liesel and her father restored Mustangs before his death, a hobby she still enjoys.  Besides owning several classic Mustangs, she drives a new blue Mustang.  She was driving that car when she and US Marshal Andy Bryce set out on the biggest adventure of their lives. 
In this excerpt, Liesel is running away from her ex-husband.

The blue Mustang barreled down the interstate at ninety miles an hour. Why had she thought she could escape William’s reach? She didn’t know those men, but she knew plenty more just like them−cold, hardened killers who’d just as soon murder you as look at you. William had surrounded himself with such men.

Liesel grimaced as a slow minivan blocked her way. Joseph knew the truth about William. Oh, he wasn’t any better than William, but he understood his son. Joseph hurt people or ordered hits as needed to further his ‘business’ dealings, but William killed just for the enjoyment of it.

A chill seized her when she remembered the man who had kicked her. She hated him for what he had done, but at the end she had felt nothing but pity for him. When the courts refused to punish him, William had taken justice into his own hands. He had apprehended the detective and taken him to a secluded warehouse.  By the time William finished with him, she felt sure the man had wanted to die.

She had wondered why William insisted she take a ride with him that last afternoon. The doctor had told her to rest, but since she feared William she had gotten into the car with him. He had taken her to the abandoned building where the detective’s body lay. She had taken one look at him and lost her lunch.

“An eye for an eye, Liesel. We lost our baby, but he’s been punished. You can rest easy.”
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Leisa Dreps said...

Yeah, cars make me react in the oddest ways. :D Usually, it’s the extreme ones. I mean, the vintage and the supermodern sports cars. I’m not an auto snob, okay? ;) The Jaguar would probably get an “oooohh” from me. Yep, a really long one. I love how the headlights are sharply designed. It would definitely look more intimidating when it’s on the road, showing off its speed.