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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Show No Weakness

Welcome to my blog!  My guest today is Joyce Holmes, author of Show No Weakness.  Joyce, thank you so much for coming. 

1.Tell us a little bit about you and your work.

I live with my husband and teeny tiny dog, Roxy, in the beautiful Okanagan valley, in British Columbia.  I'm an empty-nest mom with two precious little grandsons.  My first book, Show No Weakness, was released in June by Secret Cravings Publishing.  I work part-time which gives me plenty of opportunity to pursue my writing.  When I'm not dreaming up stories in my head or planning my next great travel adventure, I enjoy hiking, biking, boating and photography.

2.Congratulations on your first release.  It's exciting, isn't it?  Where do you go when you write?

I work in my upstairs office on an old laptop that gets a little cranky when I try to use the internet, which helps keep me focused on my writing and off the social media sites.

3.LOL.  It's easy to get distracted.  What is your favorite genre?  Have you tried to write in others?

Contemporary romance is the only genre I write because I enjoy tormenting my characters until they get their happy-ever-after, but I love to read every genre.  Mystery and suspense are a couple of favorites, but unfortunately I don't have the deviously clever mind necessary for writing it.

4.Describe your hero and heroine in your latest release.

My hero, Cole Dennison, is an RCMP Corporal.  Years after his daughter's death, he's still overwhelmed by feelings of grief and guilt, and the only way he can deal with these emotions is by hiding from them.  My heroine, Joely Sinclair, is a single mom and a social worker.  She's a compassionate and outgoing person, and she falls hard for Cole.  Her transparent personality doesn't mesh well with his carefully guarded one, which causes plenty of struggles as she uses the power of her love to try and heal him.

5.I love the sound of that.  What are you reading right now?

The Summer of Living Dangerously by Julie Cohen

6.Would you share your links with us?

My social media links:

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7.We’d love to read an excerpt.

Cole twisted the cap off the beer bottle and tossed it at the small garbage can by the back door. It balanced on the edge for a moment, teetered and fell to the deck. Damn, that should’ve been a sure shot. Thinking he must be losing his touch, he debated hauling his carcass out of the hot tub to try again. It ended up being a short debate. It was only a beer cap after all, and what did it matter if he made the basket or not?

He tilted the bottle back and chugged a long swallow of ice-cold beer, and another one, then eased back in the water. He felt great. Totally relaxed.

He straightened back up and balefully eyed the beer bottle. Who the hell was he trying to kid? He felt restless and edgy. And he could pinpoint the exact moment it all started. That fateful day when he’d looked up from his paperwork and saw Joely Sinclair standing beside his desk. His hottest dream and worst nightmare all rolled into one tempting little package. Relaxed? He didn’t know the meaning of the word since she walked into his life.

Drawing hard on the beer bottle, he emptied most of it in one long pull. He set the bottle aside and smiled, even though nothing was remotely funny. His grin quickly faded.

For the better part of two weeks he’d tried to forget Joely Sinclair existed, but the encounters with her in the last couple of days proved he’d only been fooling himself. He had it real bad for the lovely Miss Sugar and Spice, and she was one huge distraction he didn’t need. Didn’t want. Correct that, he wanted her all right. He just didn’t want to want her, and it made him jumpy, this combination of wanting to be near her and wanting to be rid of her.

Hard to believe someone who looked like her could have a teenaged son. A teenaged son headed for delinquency if he didn’t shape up. But as long as the boy didn’t end up back in police custody, he wasn’t Cole’s concern. When he’d tried to warn Joely about her son’s choice of friends, she’d jumped on him with both feet. Who needed the hassle?

With his mood rapidly turning sour, he drained the last of the beer and deliberately turned his mind away from thoughts of Joely Sinclair and her son. He should get out of this hot tub and spend an hour or so unpacking. After a month in this house you’d think he’d be good and tired of looking at boxes stacked a mile high in the dining room.

He slouched low in the water, letting it lap over his chin and around his ears. On second thought, those boxes could stay right where they were. They contained nothing but memories. Memories best kept forever sealed away in cardboard.

Wonderful excerpt, Joyce.  I know your book will be a great success.  Readers, don't wait to get it.  It sounds just great.

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