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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beyond the Book: Jenna's New Kitchen

'Open Kitchen' photo (c) 2007, Nancy Hugo, CKD - license:
How do you like my new kitchen?  I'm totally in love with it!  My name if Jenna West, and I was Elaine's heroine in Purple Heart.  Last week I showed you my new living room, but to tell the truth, I like my kitchen best of all.  Here's a short excerpt from Purple Heart that's set in my old kitchen.  Jo is my daughter, Mike is my tennant, and Ethan is my husband who died of pancreatic cancer.
Jo kept the conversation moving along. “Do you like our duck?” she asked as she gestured toward the center of the kitchen table.
Mike looked at the white ceramic duck. It had a big blue bow around its neck and a slot on its back that held napkins. Two small ducklings that he thought were salt and peppershakers snuggled into the duck’s wings. His mother liked cutesy things like this duck. “It’s a great duck, Jo.”
“We got it at a yard sale, and I picked it out. Mama and I love yard sales.”
“You did a good job, sweet pea,” Jenna praised.
Mike had to admit that Jenna seemed like a good mother. Jo was bright, happy, well behaved, and smart, too. He felt sorry for Ethan West who had missed out on so much, but he also felt sorry for Jenna. She had made a life for herself and Jo, but she probably didn’t have an easy time of it raising a child all by herself.
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