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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beyond the Book: Remodeling Our Home

Hello, readers, welcome to Beyond the Book.  My name is Jenna West.  I was Elaine's heroine in Purple Heart.  I met Mike Hightower when I rented him one side of my duplex.  A lot of things happened to us before we found our way together, but I can't imagine my life without him now. 

As soon as we got married, Mike wanted to convert the duplex into a single family home.  I liked having the extra income, but we did need more space, so we took down the wall between the two units and started to redecorate.  Here's a description of my living room before Mike and I got married.  Afterward, I'll show you a picture of the new living room.


The old, worn carpet looked tired and dingy, and dark paneled walls absorbed all the light. The woman could use some new furniture too. Several spots on the sofa looked like red Kool-Aid, and one of the two chairs was threadbare.

“Mama, it’s cold,” the child complained. “I thought it was supposed to be spring time.”

“It is spring time, but it takes awhile for things to warm up. Give me a minute and I’ll light the heater.”
The little girl ran over to a kerosene heater under the window. “Hurry, Mama.”
In case you were wondering, Jo is the daughter from my first marriage to Ethan West.
Okay, here's how it looks now.
This is the first time I ever really had the chance to buy everything new at one time.  My parents weren't rich and Ethan and I didn't have a penny to our names.  If you'll come back next week, I'll show you my new dining room.
Purple Heart is published by The Wild Rose Press.  You can get it at and most other retail outlets.

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