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Monday, December 8, 2014

How to Beguile A Duke

This post is part of a book blast organized by Goddess Fish Promotions for the launch of Ally Broadfield's How to Beguile a Duke. One randomly chosen winner via Rafflecopter will receive a $25 Amazon/BN gift card.

The spirited Catherine Malboeuf has just arrived in England to reclaim her ancestral home, Walsley Manor, and a valuable missing heirloom. Nicholas Adair, the attractive and frustratingly inflexible Duke of Boulstridge, however, is quite unwilling to sell the estate back to Catherine. Unless, of course, she accepts a small wager...

Nick will sell Walsley Manor if--and only if--Catherine secures an offer of marriage from an eligible member of the ton before the end of the London season.

Of course, Nick is certain he'll win. After all, no proper gentleman would ever marry a woman who conceals a cutlass in her skirts. Yet something about Catherine's unconventional disposition seems to ignite a need deep inside him. A need that won't just cost him the wager, but the very heart he swore to never give away...

Enjoy an excerpt:

As the musicians warmed up, Catherine struggled to maintain a smile and keep her shoulders from slumping. So far no one had come to seek an introduction. That meant her options for a dance partner were Lord Cavanaugh, who was already engaged for the first dance, and the Duke of Boulstridge, who, in light of their bet, was unlikely to dance with her at all.

Catherine took a discrete step toward Lady Hartley, hoping she would not be the only eligible lady of marriageable age who had not been asked to participate in the opening dance. The musicians were in position. She ran the pad of her thumb over the diamonds at her throat.

“Miss Malboeuf.” The duke approached from behind her. She whirled to face him. “Would you care to dance?”

His nearness left her breathless. She hadn’t expected him, of all people, to come to her rescue. Carefully schooling her features, she said, “I would be delighted, Your Grace.” Lady Hartley smiled her approval.

He took her hand, sending a shiver of awareness through her, and led her toward the other dancers. Though they stood several inches apart, linked only by their hands, heat emanated from him. He suddenly seemed much larger than she remembered.

“How are you enjoying your first London ball, Miss Malboeuf?” he asked.

“Very much, Your Grace.” The quadrille air of L’Horatia began and they moved all round to the right, then to the left. The duke flashed her a wry smile as he took his turn performing the balancez and turned Catherine around with both hands. His touch sent a jolt through her.

About the Author: Ally lives in Texas and is convinced her house is shrinking, possibly because she shares it with three kids, four dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and several reptiles. Oh, and her husband. She likes to curse in Russian and spends most of her spare time letting dogs in and out of the house and shuttling kids around. She writes historical romance set in Regency England and Imperial Russia.

She loves to hear from readers and you can find Ally on her website, Facebook, and Twitter, though she makes no claims of using any of them properly.

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