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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beyond the Book: Fans Can Talk

If you've read Fortuna, you know that there are two important houses in the book. One is Fortuna itself, and the other if called Bad Creek. Cade McCoy owns Bad Creek which was built in the 1800's, and of course Aimee got interested in the Civil War era because of Cade.

Last week we saw the favorite accessories of a Civil War era lady, and today we're focusing on a lady's fan. There's a lot more to a fan than you ever knew! In fact, the way a lady held her fan told a multitude of secrets. What do you think of this?

 *Fanning quickly - I am engaged* 
*Fanning slowly - I am married* 
*Fan with right hand in front of face - Follow me* 
*Fan with left hand in front of face - Desirous of Acquaintance* 
*Slowly open and shut fan - Kiss me* 
*Very slowly shut the open fan - I promise to marry you* 
*Fan open wide - Wait for me* 
*Carrying fan in right hand - You are too willing* 
*Carrying fan in left hand, open - Come and talk to me* 
*Twirling fan in right hand - I am watching you* 
Twirling fan in left hand - I love another* 
*Clasping hands under the open fan - Forgive me, I beg of you* 
*Resting fan on the right cheek - Yes* 
*Resting fan on the left cheek - No* 
*Covering the left ear with an open fan - Do not betray our secret* 
*Drawing the fan through the hand - I hate you* 
*Drawing the fan slowly across the cheek - I love you* 
Drawing the fan across the eyes - I am sorry* 
*Drawing the fan across the forehead - You have changed* 
*Placing the fan behind your head - Do no forget me* 
*Touching the fan against the left ear - Go away!* 
Fan presented shut - Do you love me?* 
Presenting a number of sticks, fan apart, opened - At what hour? 
*Open fan placed near the heart - You have my heart* 
*Closed fan placed near the right eye - I'd like to see you again* 
*Closed fan in left hand in front of face - I'd like to meet you* 
*Touching a closed fan to the lips - I love you!* 
*Gazing pensively at a closed fan - You misunderstand me* 
*Fanning with little finger extended - Goodbye* 
*Quickly open and shut fan - You are cruel* 
*Shaking a closed fan - You are very improper!* 
*Touching the tip of the fan with finger - I must speak to you* 
*Touching a closed fan while waving - I wish to always be near you* 
*Placing the fan's handle to the lips - Kiss me* 
*Placing the tip of a closed fan to the lips - I love you*

Bad Creek

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