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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beyond the Book: The Captain and the Cheerleader

Welcome to Beyond the Book. I've introduced you to my hero Kurt and my heroine Susan, so today I'd like to introduce you to Susan's father whose name is Bill English.

Bill came from a working class background, but his dream was to teach and coach high school football. He had to take out some student loans, but his dreams came true. He also fell in love with a beautiful girl he met at college. Her name was Marjorie, and her father disapproved of the marriage because teachers don't make a lot of money.

After Bill retired he took a job at a local discount store because his pension wasn't enough to pay the bills. As the book progresses, we see all of Bill's insecurities and perceived failures as he tries to protect his daughter from making the biggest mistake of her life.


So she wanted to know, did she? “Okay, I meant Susan’s stuck now. No more remodeling her house, no more new clothes, or trips. She can’t afford it.”

Marjorie passed him another bowl. “Be careful of that bowl. It belonged to my grandmother. As far as remodeling goes, Susan doesn’t need anything more done to her house. She may miss her trip to Paris next summer, but there’ll be other years to take vacations.”

“If they can afford it."

She squeezed out the dishcloth and draped it across a rack under the sink. “They’ll work it out. You know they will.”

Bill scowled. “Like we did, you mean? Look at this stuff,” he cried as he brandished a serving fork. “Where’d you get this? Super Mart, right? You’ve never had any nice silver or china either. What do you call those plates?

“Stoneware, but...”

“But nothing. I’m a failure, and I guess I might as well face it. I wanted to coach football for a living! What were you thinking to marry me anyway? Why didn’t you listen to your father? Coach football!”

He slammed the fork and drying cloth onto the cabinet and stalked away. Man, he hated Kurt Deveraux! 

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