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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

An Interview with Dr. Aria DeLuca, Heroine of Flood

Coming June 1 from Wings ePress

TV hostess: Welcome to today’s edition of Who’s Who. My guest today is Aria DeLuca owner of St Francis Animal Clinic. As most of you know, the clinic is located just outside town. Dr. DeLuca, welcome to our show. We appreciate your time.

Aria: I’ve very glad to be here.

TV hostess: Can you tell us a little about your practice?

Aria: Yes of course. I started St. Francis after I got my veterinarian degree. As time went by we expanded our services, and today we offer boarding, and training as well as preventative and sick care.

TV hostess: Isn’t it true that you have a rather unusual employee working at St. Francis? 

Aria: Oh? Who might that be?

TV hostess: Don’t you have an ex-convict working at St. Francis?

Aria: (lips thinning) Yes, I do, but I don’t think there’s anything so unusual about it. He’s paid his debt to society, and with his knowledge of animal behavior I’m lucky to have found him.

TV hostess: I understand you had a break-in at St. Francis a few weeks ago. You don’t suspect your new employee do you?

Aria: (eyes snapping) I certainly do not! No wonder so many ex-convicts return to prison. No one will give them a chance to start over. Be careful what you say. My father is a lawyer, and he might call this slander.

TV hostess: Please excuse me. I didn’t mean to offend. Dr. DeLuca, thank you for coming today.

Aria: (voice cold) You’re welcome.

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