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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Beyond the Book: Camping

When it comes to a choice between campfires or bonfires,  I’ll take my campfires anytime. When my children were young we brought a nice little travel trailer and set out to show them a good time.

We went all over the place with our camper. Once we took it to Walt Disney World, and once we took it to Knoxville for the World’s Fair. Disney World was blazing hot, and the boys just wanted to swim, but it was cool at the World’s Fair. 

We also frequently took the camper to a nice state park not far from our home. We’d hike, swim, fish, roast marshmallows, and do all the other traditional camping things.  We truly had such a nice time.

Perhaps the most fun, though, was when we’d camp with other people. It was such fun to have a group of people to do things with.  I remember some truly epic card games and an all night fishing trip. Okay, I confess. The all night fishing trip was a little much for me. By morning I was covered in dew and wanted to get off that boat in the worst way. I was hoping the kids would want a little nap, but no such luck. They were wide open all day while I dragged myself behind them and hoped for bedtime. 

As the children got older they got involved with school activities and their friends and didn’t want to go camping so much. We finally sold our little camper to some friends of ours, but I felt bad watching it go down the road because it was the end of an era in our lives.

What surprises me is that neither of my boys ever goes camping now.  I thought they’d buy their own little camper and make nice memories with their children, but so far they don’t seem too interested in it. At present one of my sons is rebuilding a motorcycle with his son, and they seem to be having a lot of fun with it. But I know that both of my sons look back on their camping days with nostalgia. So do I. 

What about you? Do you like to go camping? 

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