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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors: Never Trust a Pretty Wolf

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For the last few months I've been sharing excerpts from Turnaround Farm, but today I'm sharing from another book, Never Trust a Pretty Wolf. We'll begin with Chapter One.

Liesel Wolf has a secret, a dangerous secret she’ll go to any lengths to conceal. When she’s paired in a charity game with sexy marshal Andy Bryce, a man with secrets of his own, her carefully constructed world comes crashing down, and Liesel’s on a collision course with her past.

Last week:
“No, usually not,” Tony answered. “Some people just have a logbook in a watertight container. You write in the logbook and replace it.”

Andy blew on his steaming coffee and took a sip. “I guess you could leave coordinates to another site and have searchers go there to find the cache.”

“That’s right,” Tony agreed. “Or maybe you could leave a map directing them to the cache.”

“That does sound like fun,” Andy admitted as he sipped his coffee. “But with a GPS wouldn’t it be simple to find the cache?”

“It’s surprisingly hard to do.”



Nancy Gideon said...

Now, he's hooked. Sounds a lot more exciting than that silly game from a few years back that had people so enthralled they'd walk into traffic or off a cliff. This from someone who is totally low tech.

Charmaine Gordon said...

Hooked for sure. Elaine, I'm enjoying this new snippet.

Ed Hoornaert said...

That sounds like a geocacher with a sadistic streak.

Aurora Springer said...

I agree.It can be difficult to find geocaches.

Veronica Scott said...

Well I'd sure never find a cache that required me to do rock climbing to reach it LOL. Loving all the geocaching details in this story - great snippet.

Diane Burton said...

In my younger days (much younger) I would enjoy geocaching. You make it sound like so much fun. I have to wonder about Ben. Will he be the villain of the piece?

Jenna said...

The rockwall geocache sounds like a challenge that many geocashers might not take. Sort of a dare. Gives me an idea about Ben's character.Great snippet.

Teresa Cypher said...

The geocaching is fascinating to me! Good snippet!