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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Beyond the Book: My Favorite Mythical Character

My favorite mythical character would have to be Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology. Pegasus was born when Perseus beheaded the Gorgon, known today as Medusa. According to mythology, Pegasus was born from her severed neck. The blood spilled onto the earth and into the sea foam, which made some Greeks say that Poseidon the god of the sea is the father of Pegasus.

Pegasus is associated with the story of Bellerophon , a warrior known for his breeding of fierce horses who betrayed and devoured him. Bellerophon was able to tame Pegasus because the goddess Athena gave him a golden bridle that worked its magic on the horse. 

Pegasus and Bellerophon had many adventures together, but Bellerophon became too proud and tried to ride his winged horse all the way to Mount Olympus where the gods lived. For such a blasphemy, Pegasus threw him off, and he died.

Pegasus himself was taken in Zeus’ stables and given the job of collecting thunderbolts when Zeus needed them. Pegasus was not immortal, so eventually he was turned into a constellation. 

Okay, why was Pegasus my favorite character? Because I absolutely loved horses when I was a child. I rode a pony at a small county fair when I was just a little girl, and after that I was hooked on riding. When I was a little older my parents gave me a horse for Christmas. It was supposed to be for both my sister and me, but she never rode Stardust so she became my horse. 

Every day after school I’d saddle up, and we’d go for a ride. I stayed out until dark, but I don’t think my mother worried too much about it. Stardust was a great child’s horse. She was very gentle.

Stardust did one thing that I don’t know if other horses would do or not. She loved bread. As a treat I’d give her a piece of loaf bread that she’d gobble up like I’d gobble chocolate. 

I’d love to have some horses today, but my back won’t allow me to ride now. That’s okay, though. I have some great memories of my younger days with my horse.

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