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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Saturday Sample and Weekend Writing Warriors

 Welcome to Saturday Sample and Weekend Writing Warriors. Today I'm sharing an excerpt from my current work in progress. The book is titled Tarnished Silver, and I have no official blurb to share. The set up is like this. 

My heroine Brittany Granger is a private investigator who has been summoned to the home of the Silver family. The Silvers operate The Silver Firm, a prestigious law practice. They are famous, rich, and some say unscrupulous. She has no idea why they want to see her.

Last Week:

The sullen sky looked leaden and gray, but at this particular moment the weather and how she was going to get home didn’t concern Brittany Granger.  After driving in circles for what seemed like forever, she still couldn’t find the Silvers’ home.  Biting her lip, she smacked the steering wheel. Only twenty minutes to get there, and something told her Mr. Silver appreciated punctuality.

 Her last turn had brought her back to the same intersection she had seen three times before, but this time she turned left instead of right and saw the Silver mansion at the end of the street.

A tall, thick, stone wall surrounded the property while a manned gatehouse guarded the entrance.  She stopped her car and rolled down the window as the gatehouse door opened and a man stepped outside.  

“Hi.  My name is Brittany Granger.  I have an eleven o’clock appointment with Mr. Silver.”

Excerpt: This is a WIP so if something grabs you that I need to change please say so.

The guard checked his clipboard.  “Follow the drive, and you’ll come to a parking area on your left.  You can leave your car there.  Someone will meet you on the front porch.”

It had started to sleet now.  Brittany winced as the cold, icy pellets struck her cheek and quickly put her window up.  After parking where the guard had told her, she darted toward the porch to get out of the rain and sleet.  A pale man with steel gray hair was waiting on her. 

“Hello, Miss Granger.  Mr. Silver is expecting you.  Won’t you step this way?”


Jessica E. Subject said...

Does the weather foreshadow the meeting she's about to have? I don't have a good feeling about it.

Ed Hoornaert said...

And now there are more reminders of the Silver's wealth and power.

Sue Barr said...

I wonder if the mansion will be as cold inside as it is outside?

Shari Elder said...

A home that is hard to find. That tells us so much about the family. Great scene set.

Aurora Springer said...

All polite so far and plenty of servants for the household.

Veronica Scott said...

I felt that sleet! Great snippet, wonder what we're building up to here...

Jenna said...

Not a whole lot of warmth in this snippet at all. Both the weather and her reception are rather cold. I hope that doesn't continue with her meeting Mr. Silver. (Even his name is cold metal.)

Teresa Cypher said...

You've really set the mood with all of the gray, and the rain and sleet. I expect anything at this point. :-)