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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Saturday Sample and Weekend Writing Warriors

Welcome to Saturday Sample and Weekend Writing Warriors. Today I'm sharing an excerpt from my current work in progress. The book is titled Tarnished Silver, and I have no official blurb to share. The set up is like this. 

My heroine Brittany Granger is a private investigator who has been summoned to the home of the Silver family. The Silvers operate The Silver Firm, a prestigious law practice. They are famous, rich, and some say unscrupulous. She has no idea why they want to see her.

Last Week:

Brittany followed him into the mansion, a Georgian Revival made of dark brick.  The entrance hall had marble floors covered with expensive looking oriental rugs.  Old oil paintings adorned the walls, and the mahogany furniture she saw looked costly and antique, like pieces that had been in the family for generations.  The man stopped in front of a massive wooden door and softly knocked before they entered.

“Sir, Miss Granger is here.”

A tall, thin man with neatly combed white hair rose from a navy leather wing chair beside the fireplace and extended his hand to Brittany.  “How do you do, Miss Granger?” 

“I’m fine, thank you.  And you?”

“I’m well.”  He indicated the chair in front of his ornately carved, enormous desk.  “Won’t you sit down?”

Excerpt: This is a WIP so if something grabs you that I need to change please say so. I threw in an extra sentence with my excerpt so we have eleven..

Brittany sat down and waited, admiring Silver’s polite formality in a casual world.

“Did you have any trouble getting to Greenville, Miss Granger?  The weather is terrible, and Fairfield is an hour away.”

“No, it wasn’t a bad trip at all.”

“Good, good.  I expect you’re curious about why I wanted to see you.”

“I imagine you want the services of a private investigator, but I have no idea why you’d pick me.”  She shrugged. “Don’t get me wrong.  I do a good job for my clients, but I’m still small potatoes.  You could have anybody you wanted.”


Shirley Goldberg said...

I love the idea of your Saturday sample and sharing a work in progress with readers. I also enjoy your bookish website alive with books. You're hosting my book tour for Eat Your Heart Out, and that's how I discovered you.

If you'd like to write a column and talk about your work in progress or what it's like doing book tours (I also host authors and tours but not as regularly as you do) please let me know and you can guest post on my blog.

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Thanks so much for sharing Dana and Alex's story on your blog!

Jessica E. Subject said...

I'm very curious as to how he'll answer her.

Nancy Gideon said...

Oh, girl, don't downgrade yourself like that to a client! Sorry, just being a bit overly protective of your character.

Teresa Cypher said...

From the description of the Silvers, I daresay he could have anyone he wanted. So, why her?

Good to make a reader ask questions.

Elaine, we aren't strict anymore about the snippet length. Participation has to make marketing sense for authors. :-)

Veronica Scott said...

She raises a good point and the answer will be fascinating, may tell us a lot....or not! Enjoyed the snippet!

Shari Elder said...

Great question. Why her? Answer should be interesting. Great snippet.

Jenna said...

Yes, he could. So why pick her? This is a major plot point that will hopefully lead us to a large part of the premise for this story. Great beginning. Can't wait for more!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

I'm curious to know why he chose her, too, if he could have gone with anyone.

Diane Burton said...

Unless it's pertinent to the story, she shouldn't downgrade herself out loud to the client. Think it, yes, definitely. Or, he could bring it up with "I imagine you're wondering why I chose you instead of..." Otherwise, I like the way you're leading up to the what and why he wants to see her. I know they have to do the formalities first, but you could show her antsiness (is that a word) and wanting to get to the point. This story has me very curious.