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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beyond the Book: Ross is Back

Hello, Ross Williams here. I was Elaine’s hero in Her Kind of Man. Did you know that I operate a dairy farm? My father established the farm, and after his death I bought my brother’s share so now Little Knoll belongs to me. Do you know anything about dairy farming? You do? Great. See if you can correctly answer these questions. I’ll make it easy for you and only do true-false questions.

1.All milk contains antibiotics.

2.Modern dairy farmers don’t practice sustainable agriculture.

3.Dairy cattle are nothing more than milk machines.

4.Milk is so expensive because dairy farmers want to get rich.

5.Less than 2% of Americans are involved in farming.


Okay, here are your answers.

1.False. If milk is found to contain antibiotics, it can’t be sold. It’s disposed of.

2.False. Farmers need clean air, water, and land for their cows.

3.False. If cows aren’t healthy and well-cared for, they won’t produce lots of milk.

4.False. The price of milk is tied to dramatic increases in energy/fuel, distribution, transportation, feed, and supply costs.

5.True. Lots of people have never been to a real, working farm.


Drop by Little Knoll sometime, and I’ll give you a tour. I think my operation will impress you.  I don't practice totally organic farming, but I'm close to it.

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