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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beyond the Book: Character Interview Hank Lovinggood

Hello, and welcome to Beyond the Book, Madame Cantrell’s way of keeping you up to date on the characters you’ve grown to love. My name is Prince Alan, and I was the hero of Madame’s book The Enchanted. However, I am not here to discuss that work of art. Instead, I have asked for the privilege of introducing Madame Cantrell’s latest hero Hank Lovinggood. Sir, can you tell the readers a bit about yourself?

Hank: (nodding)  I’d be glad to. My family has been involved in public service for years. My grandfather is a senator, and my father was the President of the US. My mother was a world-famous movie star. When I was three, my father was assassinated, and I went to live with my grandparents.

Prince Alan: (frowning) How dreadful. I hope the assassins were apprehended and punished.

Hank: (jaw set and eyes stormy) Actually, the history books say that my mother killed my father and then committed suicide.

Prince Alan: I can tell by the look on your face that you do not believe this to be true.

Hank: That’s right. I can remember a little from the time before they died, so I know how much they loved each other. There’s no way my mother did it. In fact…

Prince Alan: Pray go on.

Hank: I’m starting a new investigation into the murders, but whatever you do, don’t tell my grandmother. She’d freak out something awful.

Prince Alan: I do not know this term ‘freak out’, but I believe I understand your meaning. Your parents have been dead for thirty years. Do you truly think it is possible to find the truth after so many years?

Hank: Oh, yes. I have a good idea who did it, so now all I have to do is prove it.

Prince Alan: This sounds dangerous, so I beg you to be careful. Princess Morgane and I wish you well in your search for justice.

Hank: Thank you. It’s time my family stopped looking back and focused on the future for a change.  Here’s a blurb to tell you about the book.


"First Lady Kills President Lovinggood"

December 29, 2018

Thirty years later Hank Lovinggood embarks on a quest to prove his mother's innocence and punish the killers who took his family from him.  Together Hank and lovely physicist Kathryn Sinclair confront an implacable, twisted, merciless enemy who'll do whatever it takes to hide the truth forever.


Excerpt: In this excerpt, Hank has gone to see a retired Secret Service agent who may help him investigate his parents’ murders.

He gave Hank the once-over and made his usual comment. “Seriously, Hank, you’ve turned into a nice-looking man. How come you aren’t married yet?”

Hank snickered. “Every time I come here you ask me the same thing. How come you aren’t married yourself?”

“Because I like hunting and fishing too much. Now, answer me. What about the pretty doctor you were kissing at that charity party?”

“You heard about that?”

Rudy rolled his eyes. “Yeah, Hank. It was all over the papers and the TV.”

“We only did it for charity.” Hank felt heat rising in his face when he remembered the feel of Kathryn’s lips on his. “There’s nothing between us.”

“Sorry, but I’m not buying that story.” Rudy’s eyes gleamed. “I saw the expression on your face; you liked those kisses.”

Hank burst out laughing. “Of course I did. Kathryn’s beautiful, but she isn’t interested in me.”

        “Why not?” He cocked his head and studied Hank. “You’re good looking and rich. Why wouldn’t she be interested in you?”

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