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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beyond the Book: Khan

Welcome to Beyond the Book. My name is Kathryn Sinclair. I was Elaine's heroine in her latest release Blue 52. Today I'd like to tell you about my Siamese cat, Khan. He's such a busy boy! Here's his daily schedule.

4-AM-Wake Hank and me.

4:30 AM- Walk on Hank's back to make him get up.

5:00 AM- Bite Hank's legs as he shaves. He's starving to death, and nobody will save him no matter how piteously he yowls.

5:30 AM-Breakfast! Finally!

5:45 AM- It's been a hard morning so a little nap is in order.

7:30 AM- Gives Hank and me goodbye kisses.

7:45 AM- Nap

8:45 AM- All the children are awake so he checks to make sure the nanny is doing her job properly. He doesn't like the children, but since they are a part of the family it's his responsibility to see that they are safe.

9:30 AM- Visit Senator Lovinggood who claims to dislike him but secretly feeds him. He gets a bite of egg scrambled with cheese.

10:00 AM- Naps on the senator's desk.

10:30 AM-Chases the puppy from the senator's office. That interloper! (Word learned from Mrs. Senator Lovinggood.)

11:00 AM- Nap

1:30 PM-Lunch with the senator.

2:00 PM- Evade the children.

3:00 PM- Hide and go seek with the turtle who does not like to play with Khan.

4:00 PM- Nap

5:00 PM- Mama's home!!! Pats and hugs.

6:00 PM- Daddy's home!!! More pats and hugs.

7:00 PM-Dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:00 PM- "Play" with the puppy.

9:00 PM-Evade the children

9:15 PM- Scratch one of the little monsters. Mama is mad.

10:00 PM- What an exhausting day. Khan's going to bed.

picture credit:  By chexov from Brussels, Belgium (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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