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Monday, January 27, 2014

Beyond the Book

Hello, readers. My name is Kathryn Sinclair, and I was Elaine's heroine in Blue 52. I'm afraid I have bad news for all of you animal lovers. Elaine took her cat to the vet on Friday because she thought it had a UTI. The vet gave the cat a shot and some special food, and everyone thought she'd be fine. She wasn't. On Sunday night she couldn't walk very well, but she wanted to go outside. Elaine's son let her out because he thought maybe she needed to relieve herself. She never came back. Elaine believes that Perci went away somewhere to die. The family has looked everywhere for her, but so far no one has seen her. She was an older girl who had a good life with Elaine's family, but they are very sad to lose her. Really, they'd like to find her so they can bury her in their pet cemetery.

I'm so sorry, Elaine. I hope the pets that you still have will comfort you. Better yet, I hope the cat comes home safely. Don't give up hope just yet.

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