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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Welcome to Saturday Sample. Since the weather is so bad, I'd thought I'd share an excerpt about a blizzard from one of my WIPs. The name of the story is still up in the air, and I haven't edited it, but maybe you'll enjoy it anyway. Stay warm.

The snow fell more furiously with each passing moment.  In spite of Wes’s brisk pace he was freezing.  His nose, fingers, and ears felt numb, and he couldn’t feel his feet.  He figured Caroline couldn’t either, and moments later she proved him right as she stumbled over a hidden tree root and fell down with a little cry.

“Caroline!  Are you hurt?”

“No, but let’s rest just a minute.”

“We can’t,” he replied.  Actually, he had shouted at her.  He had to in order to be heard over the wind which had picked up speed and seemed to be blowing from all directions at once.

“How much further?” Caroline screamed back.

“Not far.  Let’s go.”  He had just lied to her.  They had only been moving for around twenty minutes; they weren’t even halfway to his truck yet, but they had a worst problem. 

The snow had covered the trail, and the blowing, screeching wind had him turned around so that he had no idea which way to go.  Their only option was to keep moving.  If they didn’t, they would freeze. 

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Cindy Amrhein said...

That was a scary one too! Good job capturing the horrors of a storm like that.