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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My First Page: From The Dark Places

San Francisco, August, 1977


"The dark! It's watching me--make it go away!"

Wrenched out of sleep, Kate sat up in bed. From across the hall, Sara screamed again. "Mommy! Make it go away!"

Throwing the covers back, Kate glimpsed the glowing numerals on the alarm clock--one thirty-five in the morning. Nightgown tangled around her hips, she dashed into Sara's room and snapped on the light. Her daughter sat up in bed, rigid, her eyes wide, shrieking, "The dark! The dark!"

Blinking in the sudden glare, Kate sat on the edge of the bed and put her arms around Sara. The child's slender body felt as stiff as a mannequin. Stroking her hair, Kate found it damp, plastered to her scalp with sweat. Sara gave no sign of seeing, hearing, or feeling anything. She screamed over and over, emitting a siren wail like nothing Kate had ever heard. Shaking, she murmured Sara's name and massaged the tight knots of her shoulders under the Winnie-the-Pooh nightshirt.

Night terrors. Now, with her panic fading, Kate remembered reading about this phenomenon, a nightmare-like seizure so extreme nothing could break its grip until it ran its course. She'd never expected to see it in Sara, though.

She set her teeth, her own pulse pounding in her head, and waited for the attack to end. After several minutes, Sara abruptly fell silent and slumped back, eyes shut. Kate eased her onto the pillow, tucking sheet and quilt up to her neck. She looked sound asleep.


When a hit-and-run driver almost kills young widow Kate Jacobs, she dismisses as deranged fanatics the two men who try to convince her dark forces from beyond this world have targeted her and her four-year-old daughter, Sara. Sara's eerie disappearance changes her mind. Kate's new friends rescue Sara, but their fight against evil has only began. Now Kate must embrace the psychic gifts she has always denied and recognize that the universe is weirder—and more dangerous—than she ever suspected.


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