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Friday, January 31, 2014

Saturday Sample

From my just completed WIP, Flood.

He moved closer to her, smelling of river water and sun. Where did the man get those shoulders? Caleb moved closer still. The air between them sizzled with electricity.
“Aria,…” He broke off, and with a look of near desperation on his face, he pulled her against him. Aria gasped when his chest met hers.
With a groan low in his throat, he buried one big hand in her hair and kissed her. Aria shivered and pressed herself against him. When his other hand came to rest on her backside, waves of dark, red heat broke over her. Her breathing sounded like a freight train. She still couldn’t get close enough to him.
Caleb relaxed his grip on her and buried his face against her neck, his hot breath scorching her skin. He raised his head and looked into her eyes. “How far do you want this to go?”
For answer, Aria tugged at his tee shirt. She moaned when her hands touched his bare back.

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