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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beyond the Book

Hello, readers. My name is Kathryn Sinclair, and I was Elaine's heroine in Blue 52. I'm pleased to tell you that Elaine has taken the book on virtual tour, and that she's giving away a $50 gift certificate from either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. ALSO, she's giving away a copy of Return Engagement to a random commenter at each of her blog stops. You can find her schedule at  Please notice that she has a regular tour and a review tour going on at the same time. The first review is in today at Check it out.

Elaine also needs help on her regular blog tour. Look at the third comment and try to help her. She's just stumped.

Okay, Kathryn, it's my turn to talk. I'm Kara Cochrane, Elaine's heroine in Her Kind of Man. My book is on sale for just .99, AND it's on the bestseller list.  Notice that it won a reviewer's award and was designated A True Gem. You can get the sale price at

And unless I'm mistaken all of Elaine's Astraea Press titles are on sale for 50% off at Use the code REW50. Oh, what are the titles? Here they are.

A New Dream
The Sentence
The Table in the Window
Never Trust a Pretty Wolf
The Enchanted

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