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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Beyond the Book: The Captain and the Cheerleader

I thought today I'd share a little bit from Kurt and Susan's lives with you. The first time Kurt saw Susan's house he thought it was neat and well decorated. I think it does have some curb appeal, don't you?

The house is located in an extremely well maintained little neighborhood built in the 1950's. Everyone in Fairfield think this is the prettiest area in Fairfield. Here's  a description of Susan's living room.

The interior looked nothing like he had expected. Susan had removed some interior walls to create an open floor plan, and the back side of the house had big, new windows that would let in lots of light. The skylight was awesome. If you turned off the lights, you’d be able to see the stars shining against the night sky. Susan had decorated the house in soothing neutrals, but splashes of red scattered around the room kept the decor from looking bland.

This open, airy space looked nothing like his small, cramped bachelor apartment furnished with his mother’s castoff furniture. 

With the exception of the skylight, I've redecorated my living room in neutrals with touches of red, gray, and gold. It's turning out pretty well. Once I finish, I'll let you have a look.

The Captain and the Cheerleader is available in both print and ebook. Don't forget. Books make great Christmas gifts.

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Teresa Cypher said...

Nice description, Elaine. And I'm looking forward to photos of your redecorating. :-)