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Friday, June 24, 2016

Fashionista Friday: #WeddingDresses

Welcome to Fashionista Friday. I hope you've enjoyed seeing the pretty wedding dresses I shared. If you're like me, and you just like to look at them, follow me on Pinterest. I share a lot of them. (

Today, I'm wrapping up the series by showing you what the heroines in my last two books wore on their wedding day. Let's start with Aimee my heroine in Fortuna. It's funny, but I described Aimee's dress long before I saw this picture. In the book, everyone expected her to wear a period dress, but she picked a modern dress with a few 19th century touches. How do you like it?

You can find more details and pictures at

My second heroine is Susan in The Captain and the Cheerleader. Susan didn't have a traditional wedding. Her mother bought her a white suit to wear. Do you like it? I like the collar which has faux pearls and embroidery on it.

You can find more pics and info at

The last dress I'll show is my own. I'm much older now, but I still enjoy looking at my wedding pictures.

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