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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beyond the Book

Welcome to Beyond the Book. For the last few weeks we've spent time learning about my romantic comedy Fortuna, but today we're going to focus on The Captain and the Cheerleader. Our cheerleader is Susan English. Susan was the head cheerleader when she was in high school, but at present she teaches at Fairfield High.

Everyone has seen cheerleaders before, but maybe there's a little more to it than you imagine. One of the most obvious things is that cheerleading build teamwork. Without teamwork cheerleaders couldn't do those complicated routines.

Cheerleaders also have to be fit. Think about their complicated routines. People couldn't do them if they were wheezing puffing.

Cheerleading may also lead to a good work ethic. Cheerleaders don't just show up on game day and cheer. They practice all throughout the year. Some squads go to summer camp to train and learn new routines.

Some squads practice hard and go to national cheerleading championships. This certainly fosters a sense of pride and achievement in the team.

Lastly, lifelong friendships may be formed by members on a squad, and I'm sure the memories they make will still be fresh long after their days as a cheerleader are over.

Next week we'll learn more about the characters.

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