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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors

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Jenna West has no idea what she might have done to her new tenant Mike Hightower. He's surly and hateful every single time they meet, and he looks at her as though he despises her.

He does despise her. She's from the Middle East, and people like her killed his friend Ramirez when the army sent them to Iraq.

Will the power of love work its magic to soften Mike's bitter hatred, or will he ignore his growing attraction for his pretty landlady?

Last Week:

Stan Jacobs came bouncing out of his office to greet Mike. He exuberantly threw his arms around his old army buddy. “Man, you’re a sight for sore eyes. How have you been?” 

“Better since I got my discharge.” 

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t miss the army at all even though I do miss my buddies.” 

“I feel exactly the same way.”

“Come on in and let’s have some coffee.”

This week: Mike talks to his new boss.

Mike followed Stan into his office. The walls were paneled in what Mike would bet was some type of exotic hardwood, and Stan had covered them in pictures of Eden’s Crossing. The marble floor matched the lobby, and the furniture looked sleek, expensive, and modern. A black bookcase covered the wall behind Stan’s desk. “This is nice,” Mike allowed.

Stan seemed pleased by his approval. “Yeah, I think so too.”

He poured some coffee for Mike and sat down for a talk. “Your shoulder and leg give you any trouble?”


Veronica Scott said...

Quite the snazzy office! Enjoyed the description, sets the scene. Great snippet!

Amy Braun said...

Fancy fancy! :D

Teresa Cypher said...

Hmm, wonder if the shoulder and leg question is small talk or if there's more behind it. :-)

Ed Hoornaert said...

I thinking along the same lines as Teresa, although my best guess is that this is army-buddy bonding talk.

Aurora Springer said...

His friend has done well, it seems.

Diane Burton said...

Like the buddy-bonding scene. Nice.

Hywela Lyn said...

I like the scene setting, I could visualise the office. Just wondering what this small talk is leading to.

Jennifer said...

Hoping this is a true friend he can rely on. Sounds like he needs someone.

Anonymous said...

Somebody has some money and a good position in the job for an office like that. Love the portrayal of closeness between the war buddies.

Unknown said...

So his buddy did well. Hopefully he's willing to help out, too! Great descriptions. :)

Sue Barr said...

You set the physical scene really well. Nice snippet, too.