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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Beyond the Book: Welcome, Spring

This week I'm talking about what I do to welcome spring. To be honest, I don’t think I do that much.
I always look over my spring/summer clothes and decide which ones still fit and look okay and which ones are to be donated at our local thrift store. Of course since I live in South Carolina many of my things can be worn year around. This year I needed to do some shopping in the worst way, but the stores are closed. So, I started to online shop. I’ve been pleased with most of it, but as soon as possible I need to do more shopping. I have very little that’s fit to wear this summer.
Some people always decorate their homes for Easter, but I don’t do too much. I have a small tabletop Easter tree that I usually set out, and I have a display of bunnies and crystal eggs that I always put on my dining table, but even though I have more decorations I don’t usually take them out of the box.
I need to do a good spring cleaning, but somehow I don’t much want to. Maybe I’ll skip it this year.
We’ve done some work in our yard which made it look a lot better, but we’ve done everything we can without going out and buying some mulch and annuals, and we’re trying to stay in as much as possible because of Covid 19.
What I like about spring is the beautiful colors in my daffodils, dogwoods, roses, and azaleas. I can sit outside on the deck and enjoy the colors and the fresh spring air. That’s better than house cleaning for me. I like to see the trees begin with a green haze and end up with pale green, new leaves. Spring makes me feel like everything is new again, including me.
Readers, what about you? How do you greet spring?

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