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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

I'm All Over the Place

I took a look at my internet history, and I’m all over the place. One thing leads to another, and before I know it I’ve been a lot of different places that have very little in common. I didn’t have the luxury to do this before I retired, but I confess to enjoying it now. 

I do follow several animal rescues and support them financially when I can. You’d find that I visit them frequently. 

I also have this strange compulsion to look at wedding dresses, and yes, I do watch Say Yes to the Dress on TV. Don’t ask me why, but I just love looking at them. My own wedding dress was beautiful, but that isn’t what sparked my interest. I had a bride doll who stood about 18 inches tall when I was a child. Maybe that did it.

I’m also fond of home renovation projects so I spend some times at those kind of sites and watch home renovation shows.

I do use the internet for research on my books. Sometimes I sort of worry about that. Once I googled how to poison people and leave no trace of the poison in their body. What would people have thought if they saw that, LOL. Most research isn’t so extreme, though. I’ve found a lot of good information for my books researching on the computer. 

So, I guess it’s like I said before. I’m all over the place. What about you? What does your internet history look like?

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