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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Beyond the Book: Where'd I Get That Idea

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named David. He had one sister who was fourteen when he was born, and his best friend was an imaginary pink rabbit. The rabbit was not surprising if you considered that the little boy’s grandmother was a writer. The child had to get his imagination from somewhere. David was Grandma’s biggest fan, probably because he admired her book video trailers.


Time passed and David’s sister married Josh. The little boy soon idolized his new brother-in-law, mostly because Josh owned a gym and taught people how to wrestle WWE style. The boy’s sister thought she’d give wrestling a try too, but she didn’t like getting flipped around and hurt so she gave it up in a hurry.


Grandma thought wrestling was too violent for little David, but his father, a first class musician, let him watch it anyway. After one exciting match, the little boy demanded, “Grandma, write me a book about wrestlers.”


Grandma resisted. Wrestling was not her cup of tea, but like all good grandmas, she caved and said she’d do it. She consulted with Josh and soon started her first romantic comedy, which she called Fortuna. Not wishing to have all the action in a wrestling ring, Grandma had one match in chapter one, and then her wrestlers retired to West Virginia where the adventures just wouldn’t stop coming. 


And that, dear friends, is where Grandma got the idea for Fortuna. Those who looked at the dedication page found that Grandma dedicated the book like this:


For Josh and David without whom there would have been no book.

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