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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Beyond the Book: Master Bedroom

Hello, and welcome to Beyond the Book, Elaine's way of giving you glimpses into the lives of the characters you love after the book ends. My name is Jenna West, and I was Elaine's heroine in Purple Heart. If you've been following Beyond the Book, you know that I'm showing off my newly remodeled and redecorated house.  Today we'll tour the master bedroom. As I said last week, it's almost impossible to think that I own such a beautiful home. My wonderful sweetheart Mike helped me with the decorating. For an ex-soldier, he has excellent decorating skills. Love you, baby!

If you'd like to read Purple Heart, you can find it at and most other retail outlets.

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Teresa Cypher said...

I like this, Elaine! Wonderful idea. Wonderful post! :-)