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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hump Day Hook: Not Everyone Gets a Second Chance

Welcome to Hump Day Hook, a way for writers both published and unpublished to share their work.  Since the sequel to Return Engagement, Blue 52, is being released in December by Whiskey Creek Press, I thought I'd share a part of the prologue from Return Engagement with you.  First an excerpt, then a blurb. When you're finished here, you can find lots more authors at


“Stop it!” Elizabeth cried. She scrambled off the bed and put as much distance as possible between them. “It’s over, Richard! No, don’t shake your head at me. I mean it.” Her face blazed with color. “We have to end this, or I’ll be exactly what the tabloids called me. I can’t, I won’t, live with that.”

Chest heaving, Richard struggled for self-control as he faced Elizabeth across the bed, distracted by her beautiful blue eyes and disheveled dark hair. What did the sleazy, tabloid press matter? They loved each other; why did she panic over a few nasty stories?

“Honey, you’re an actress,” he soothed, his voice velvety soft and persuasive. “The tabloids won’t leave you alone no matter what you do. Half the stuff they print is lies anyway. Why are you letting them scare you?”

She stared at him with eyes stretched wide. “You’re seventeen years old! In California you’re still a minor, and I’m an adult. They have a right to accuse me of cradle robbing! Don’t you know how many people agree with them?” Her

voice dropped. “And that includes my mother and your parents. They’re so mad at us it scares me.”

Richard ignored the fact that his father’s reaction had scared him too. “You talk like you’re fifty,” he scoffed, “but you’re only five years older than me. You know it doesn’t matter.” He lunged for her hand, but Elizabeth danced away from him.

Elizabeth Lane is one lucky woman. She has it all-money, fame, a satisfying career and a devoted fiancé. Her humble beginnings are all but obscured, but she isn't the kind of woman Senator Henry Lovinggood wants for his son, Richard. Senator Lovinggood plans to make Richard the President of the United States; he'll need a woman from a wealthy, powerful family by his side. Ten years ago the senator broke Richard and Elizabeth up, but this time it won't be so easy, for Elizabeth wants to know what might have been. This time she'll fight back, a struggle which ultimately leads to kidnapping and attempted murder and alienates her from the man of her dreams.
Return Engagement is available at most all online retail outlets, from Whiskey Creek Press, and can be ordered by any bookstore.


sue said...

Oh look I found you here! Second chance? As you know that’s one of my stories. Well written excerpt – could feel all the emotions

Sandra Sookoo said...

Nice snippet! :-)

Lucy Felthouse said...

Yep, I'm a sucker for a second chance. Nice hook!

Linda said...

They seem to be in a difficult situation and it's going to get worse if they don't hold onto each other.