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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Puppies, Puppies, All The Pretty Puppies

Greetings! It is I, Prince Alan, hero of Madame Cantrell's marvelous work The Enchanted. I have come to Madame's blog today for help. Tomorrow is Princess Morgane's birthday, and I need help choosing a gift for her. As she loves animals, I have resolved to give her a pet of her own. Which of the pictured animals do you like most? Tell me in the comment section of the blog, and I will choose one person to receive a free download of The Enchanted.

If you would like to obtain your own copy of this marvelous novel, you may find it at or at most other online retail outlets. My father the king has had a cold these past few days and is quite the trial to us all. Mayhap, if you buy a book, it would cheer him up.

English Springer Spaniel Puppy" by Tina Phillips

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