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Friday, October 11, 2013

Saturday Sample: A New Dream

Welcome to Saturday Sample. My excerpt today comes from A New Dream. In this excerpt, my hero and heroine have just attended their friend's wedding.

Violet gasped as Matt’s blond head bent over hers. Their lips

met in a searing kiss that made Violet tremble. Need threatened to

swamp her.

She felt her face turn pink and gave thanks for the dark,

which hid her reaction. All Matt had to do was touch her, and she

turned into a quivering mass of Jell‑O!

As Matt’s arms firmly encircled her shoulders, he kissed her

again. When she felt his lips against her throat, Violet made a little

sound somewhere between a gasp and a groan and clenched his

shoulders. Cold chills raced up her arms.

Matt raised his head and tilted Violet’ chin upward.

“What’s wrong?” Violet whispered. She shut her eyes and slid over

in the swing so she could get closer to him. Thank goodness he had

removed his jacket. She could feel his shoulders so much easier that


“Violet, look at me.”
Violet sighed and opened her eyes. “What is it?” she

whispered again.

Matt stroked the side of her face with a gentle hand. “You’re

the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.” He dropped a kiss on her hair

and settled her head against his shoulder. You don’t act like you’re

ashamed to be seen with me, and I …well…thank you for that.”
“I like the way you smell,” Violet answered, too caught up

in the feel of him against her to pay much attention. “Is it after

shave, or is it just you?”
“Violet are you paying attention to me?”
Violet heard a smile in his voice. “Nothing.”  His lips tasted

hers while the moon beamed down upon the lovers on the front


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