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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why I Love Wednesday: Famous Families

Do you have a favorite literary family?  I'm particularly fond of the Ingalls family from the Little House series.  Ma and Pa provided for their kids and set a good example for the family to follow.  From the first book until the last the children felt as if they were surrounded by love.  This gave them strength to face all kinds of problems from blindness to crop failure and Indian trouble.  They're one of the best examples I know of what a family ought to be.

And I have to tell you about the family I created in my books. The Lovinggood family.   I do love them too even though they aren't much like the Ingalls.  Senator Lovinggood and his wife have two children, Joan and Richard.  The senator has more power than you can imagine, and he's ambitious for his children.  Sometimes he goes overboard, like when he interfered with Richard's relationship with the woman he loved, but in the end, just like with the Ingalls, the children know that their father loves them and has their back.   

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  1. I completely forgot about the Ingalls family. What a great pick. I love them :)