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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday Sample and Weekend Writing Warriors: Never Trust a Pretty Wolf

Welcome to Saturday Sample and Weekend Writing Warriors. Today we'll continue to share excerpts from Never Trust a Pretty Wolf. On Sunday when you finish here, do go to for more excerpts from a bunch of great authors.

Liesel Wolf has a secret, a dangerous secret she’ll go to any lengths to conceal. When she’s paired in a charity game with sexy marshal Andy Bryce, a man with secrets of his own, her carefully constructed world comes crashing down, and Liesel’s on a collision course with her past.

Chapter One

Last Week

Liesel pushed her way into the little cave. “We don’t have a flashlight. Do you think we can find the coordinates in the dark?”

“No, I guess we’ll have to come back with a...” he paused then said, “wait! I see something written on the wall.”

Liesel breathed a sigh of relief. The sooner they got out of this cave the better. In the faint light coming through the crack, she saw the coordinates written on the far wall. “Yeah, there they are. Melton’s pretty tricky, isn’t he?” She memorized the coordinates and shoved Andy toward the exit.

This week: I've picked up where we left off last week.  


Teresa Cypher said...

What a cliffhanger!

She is SO bossy! lol

Good scene. :-)

Botanist said...

I missed last week, but I see they got the next clue. She must have an exceptional memory to commit map co-ordinates reliably like that. But I wonder what she's stepped on? I had a feeling this cave would hold more than a treasure hunt clue!

Veronica Scott said...

Enjoyed the snippet, can;'t wait to see what she stepped on. Could be bad, could be good...great cliffhanger for us!

Jessica E. Subject said...

Uh-oh! What did she step on? I have a feeling it's not a snake.

Jenna said...

Wonderful cliffhanger! I have such a macabre mind I'm thinking she's stepped on a decomposing body (although it probably won't be anything nearly as scary). Great snippet!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

What is it! You left us hanging. lol

E.D. Martin said...

Since she already has snakes on the mind, I know in her place that's what I'd be thinking of. Hopefully it's nothing major!