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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Help! My Blog's Been Hijacked!

Hello!  My name is Violet Emerson, er, Violet McCallum.  I’m not used to my married name yet.  Elaine told my story and that of my husband Matt in her book A New Dream.  Matt and I decided that since Elaine works so hard we’d do her blog for her in December.  We have all kinds of things planned, don’t we, Matt?

We sure do.  We might even offer a contest or two.  If you should see Elaine, please tell her that everything is going just fine.  She’s a little worried about leaving the blog for so long. 

Well, Matt, she needn’t be.  Let’s start off by sharing some cute, inexpensive Christmas gift ideas.

Gift ideas?  Are you hinting about what you want for Christmas?

(Violet giggles.)  Nope.  You’re on your own there.  Here’s the first gift I like.  It's so colorful and fun.  These Raja salad servers are from French Bull and only cost $15.

Uh, Violet, since you run a catering company, you would like the salad servers.  What do you have for us guys?

Well, you’re getting a Kindle Fire as soon as possible, right?


Then, how do you like this extreme sleeve?  It’s supposed to protect your Kindle from drops and falls.

(Matt kisses her forehead.)  I love it, baby.  How much does it cost, and where do we get it?

(Matt kisses her again.  He has a hard time NOT kissing her.)  Readers, can I pick a woman or what?  Honey, I’d like to share the last gift idea.

(Violet looks doubtful.)  Okay, what is it?

Why not get a copy of Elaine’s Christmas story The Table in the Window?  It’s only $1.99 at  It should be released in the next few days.

Oh, Matt, what a good idea!  Readers can’t ever have enough books! 

(Matt laughs.)  The readers might even like to buy our book.  Now that’s a great gift.  It’s on the bestseller list at Astraea Press.  Check back on Friday, folks.  Violet’s taking over Elaine’s Fashionista Friday post.

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