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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Beyond the Book: I'd have to Think About It

If I were to write a book in a new genre, I might decide to do a women’s fiction novel. I’ve been attracted to this idea for a while now. Believe it or not, writing category or mainstream romances does have some rules that an author has to follow, and i don’t think they vary too much from publisher to publisher. I’ve been told that you have a little more scope if you’re writing women’s fiction. 

Actually, I have a couple of things that really might fit that new category. One is called Tarnished Silver, and I’m in the process of revising it. It’s a romance, but it’s much more too. 

Another genre I’d be interested in is science fiction. I’ve already written a book with elements of science fiction, but it was first and foremost a romance. I’ve read some really good sci/fi so it would be nice to give it a try. 

If I could, I wouldn’t mind doing a cozy mystery, but I don’t think I have the ability to do it. 

So, what about you? What genre would you love to write in?


Brittany said...

I typically write fantasy, I've dabbled in paranormal and mystery, but I think a genre I would like to try would be historical fiction and maybe sci fi. Both I find require a lot of research which seems daunting to get right. But who knows, maybe one day I'll spread my wings and take on the challenge.

Elaine Cantrell said...

I bet once you got started on the research it wouldn't be so bad. The internet sure makes it easier. I have one fantasy out, but that's not my calling. Historical fiction sounds good to me.