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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday Sample: Flood

Welcome to Saturday Sample. We'll continue with out excerpts from Flood. I hope you're enjoying them because I really enjoyed writing the book. Before we get to the except, let me share an Amazon 5 star review with you. I was very pleased with it.

If you love animals and romance, this is the book for you. Aria is a caring veterinarian and Caleb is a former convict who ends up working for her. The romance has a nice, steady build, not too much at once. You can see how these people really fall for each other. I love how protective Caleb is and how Aria believes in him. The flood adds a tense, exciting element to the climax. I definitely recommend this book!

Flood had a great day on Thursday. It's rank dropped to 968, which of course is fabulous. I'd love for you to pick up a copy and give Flood a try. If you've already read it, please consider giving a review on Amazon.

Drawn together by their love of animals, Aria De Luca and Caleb Hawkins burn for each other. They never suspected that malignant forces around them were successfully plotting Caleb’s ruin from the moment he entered her life. When the flood of a century strikes Aria’s hometown, an alienated Caleb is all that stands between her and catastrophic loss.

Last Week:
In the distance he saw a group of buildings. “Approaching Fairfield,” the driver called. 
The bus came to a halt outside the terminal. Caleb hefted his bag and waited his turn to get off. Then he went inside to an information desk near the front counter. “Hey, I’m looking for the Saint Francis Animal Hospital. Could you tell me how to get there?” 

The woman, a young blonde who smiled prettily at him, pulled a map from a drawer and showed him where the hospital was. “That’s Dr. De Luca’s place. It’s about five miles away, so you’ll need a ride.” 

This week: 
“Thanks for the help.”

The woman gestured to an old man dozing in a plastic chair positioned to catch the sunshine. “That’s Bob Roach. He has a taxi if you’d like to wake him.”

Caleb smiled at the sight of the relaxed old man. In prison you learned not to sleep too deeply. 

“Thank you.”

He touched the man’s shoulder, hoping not to startle him. “Mr. Roach?”


“Mr. Roach, I’m looking for a ride to the animal hospital. Are you interested?”

The old man blinked and wiped his face. “Yeah, give me a minute.”

Actually, Mr. Roach took ten minutes to wake up, but he took Caleb right to the animal hospital. It was a pretty drive. The hospital was located in a relatively rural area with freshly plowed fields just waiting for the weather to warm up enough to plant. Pale green fuzz decorated most of the trees and gave the promise of shade once the leaves grew a little more.

“Want me to wait?” Roach asked as he stopped in front of the animal hospital.

“No, thanks.” He had seen a motel not a mile from St. Francis. He’d stay there for the night.

He paused for a moment to look the place over. The hospital was set in a grove of oak trees that would provide shade in the summertime and let the sun in during the winter months. The building was made of concrete blocks that had been painted dark green. It had white shutters and a white door. Someone had added window boxes and filled them with spring flowers in shades of pink, red, and yellow.  

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