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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday Sample: Flood

Welcome to Saturday Sample. We'll continue with out excerpts from Flood. I hope you're enjoying them because I really enjoyed writing the book. Before we get to the except, let me share an Amazon 5 star review with you. I was very pleased with it.

If you love animals and romance, this is the book for you. Aria is a caring veterinarian and Caleb is a former convict who ends up working for her. The romance has a nice, steady build, not too much at once. You can see how these people really fall for each other. I love how protective Caleb is and how Aria believes in him. The flood adds a tense, exciting element to the climax. I definitely recommend this book!

Drawn together by their love of animals, Aria De Luca and Caleb Hawkins burn for each other. They never suspected that malignant forces around them were successfully plotting Caleb’s ruin from the moment he entered her life. When the flood of a century strikes Aria’s hometown, an alienated Caleb is all that stands between her and catastrophic loss.

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Last Week:
He drew a deep breath of the fresh air and noted that for the past three years he’d mostly missed out on the beauty of the springtime. From his cell he hadn’t been able to see even a sliver of the sky. The Department of Corrections initiative that had let him work at the animal clinic had been a lifesaver for him. If not for that escape from his cell, he had no idea what would have become of him, but he suspected it wouldn’t have been anythinggood. He loathed being cooped up and always had. 

He saw movement out of the corner of his eye. A big, yellow dog with floppy ears was following a slender, dark-haired woman from behind   building. Eagerness filled him. Peaches. The dog was Peaches.
This week: 
He called out and waved to the woman who turned and walked his way. All at once Peaches bayed and took off at a dead run in his direction. He held out his arms, and she launched herself at him, bowling him over, licking his face and whining while her tail wagged a mile a minute. “Good dog,” he crooned as he stroked her head and fondled her ears. “Good Peaches. I missed you.” Swiping his eyes, he hoped nobody was watching him make a fool of himself over a dog.

She looked great. Although she had some scars on her back, her coat shone. Her eyes were bright and clear, and she must have gained ten much-needed pounds. Her attitude was better too. He saw no trace of fear or aggression in her eyes. 

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