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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Weekend Writing Warriors: The Welcome Inn

Since so many people are busy today, I'm not sharing an excerpt from Fortuna because I'm doing them in sequence and don't want people to get behind. Instead, let's take a look at The Welcome Inn.

Julianna can’t stand Buck Abercrombie! He’s rude, chauvinistic, and exasperating, and he’s her new boss. Why wouldn’t the bank loan her the money to buy The Welcome Inn? As manager she has proved her worth. 

Worse yet, Buck’s criminal brother Travis works for him, and her friend Melanie likes him!


His voice lowered and became huskier. “No wonder poor Tim wanted to kiss you. I’ve wanted to taste those lips from the first time I saw you. So kiss me, Julianna. I’m sick of fighting it. It’s torture to be in the same room with you and not kiss you.”

“Uh, no, Buck, I...”

Her voice trailed off as Buck stood up, and she made no protest when brawny, sunburned arms enclosed her and held her tight. He nuzzled his face against her neck, and Julianna quivered in his arms.

“You smell sexy,” Buck growled.  

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Charmaine Gordon said...

WOW! Terrific scene, Elaine and so well written. I can taste the scene. Oh yes.

Kim M said...

Happy holidays, Elaine.

Very sensual scene.

Kim M said...

Happy holidays, Elaine.

Very sensual scene.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Tantalizing scene. I believe she's going to get that kiss.

Happy Christmas!

ARHuelsenbeck said...

Hmm. I guess she's not as turned off by him as she thought...

Veronica Scott said...

He needs to seriously work on his lines for attracting women! Interesting snippet though, she didn't react as I'd expected...happy holidays!

Teresa Cypher said...

Haha! Isn't that the worst? She can't stand him, yet there she is sort of melting in his arms. :-)

Merry Christmas, Elaine, and happy New Year! :-)